Named after the founding President of the Council for Business and the Arts in Canada (now Business for the Arts), this award recognizes a young business professional age 40 and under who has demonstrated exemplary leadership and volunteerism in the arts. The winner receives a cash prize of $5,000 to be directed to the arts organization(s) of their choice. To learn more about Arnold Edinborough, click here.

Eligibility Guidelines
Eligible candidates must:

  • be a young business professional 40 years of age or under at the time of nomination
  • have made a significant contribution as a volunteer to the not-for-profit arts in Canada
  • be a Canadian citizen

NOTE: This award is for business professionals only working in the for-profit sector. Individuals working in the non-for-profit sector are not eligible; recipients are eligible to win the award only once.

Nominations can be made by:

  • registered not-for-profit arts, cultural or heritage organization in Canada
  • the nominee’s employer or business associate
  • self nomination

Endorsements (maximum 3 letters) may be made by:

  • executive staff and board members of other arts organizations
  • individual artists
  • executives of other companies

Selection Criteria
Nominators must complete an official nomination form based on the following criteria:
The positive impact of candidate’s volunteerism may benefit a wide diversity of arts organizations in a community, or one particular organization or arts discipline. Similarly, the candidate may be known nationally or only in the community in which the individual lives, relative to the size of the community in which their contributions to the arts have taken place.

  • candidate has shown leadership in taking on key roles and responsibilities, recruiting other volunteers, providing a bridge between business and the arts community, and enhancing the visibility of the arts organization
  • candidate has committed substantial time to volunteer on a board or committee
  • candidate has actively volunteered business expertise and skills on behalf of the organization(s)
  • candidate has helped strengthen and achieve the goals of the organization through marketing, strategic planning, membership recruitment and fundraising