Arraymusic Board Director - Offering Marketing Expertise

Posted On: 2013-07-23  
Application Deadline: 2015-06-30  
Time Commitment: 6-10 hr / month  

Arraymusic seeks skilled new board members to augment its current dedicated seven-member team. 

A non-profit charitable organization, Arraymusic is passionate about contemporary music – the creative music of Canadian composers in particular. Array presents its premiere chamber group, The Array Ensemble, in concert each season in Toronto and maintains a happening but small performance and rehearsal space in West Queen West which many artists working across the disciplines call home. Arraymusic has fostered, performed/presented, commissioned, toured, promoted, taught and recorded Canadian contemporary classical music within an international context for over four decades. Array also supports young and emerging composers through its Young Composers' Workshop, new workshop for aboriginal composers co-presented annually with Red Sky, and its vibrant facility for creative artists across the disciplines.

Array's board requires members who have some experience and expertise to fulfill the following roles:

1). Treasurer: This Director will work with the General Manager to oversee the books, budgets, bank reconciliations and annual audit.

2). Legal Advisor (see additional job posting) 

3). Development (see additional job posting)

4). Marketing / Communications / PR: (see additional job posting)

5) Manage a New Volunteer & Intern Program: (see additional job posting)

Array's board is small but knowledgeable, well-organized, very effective, fun and highly engaged. Meetings are held monthly with a break during the summer months and board members oversee Array's facility and an annual season of concerts. Each year they plan and hold a fundraising event. The group, ranging in age from their 30s to 70s, goes about its serious business of managing Arraymusic with a relaxed attitude of fun.

A complete description can be provided.

We invite those interested in lending their enthusiasm and skills to this growing, quality arts organization to contact the General Manager Sandra Bell at 416.532.3019.

About the Organization

Arraymusic is passionate about contemporary art music – the creative music of its countrymen in particular. To this end, Arraymusic has fostered, performed, commissioned, toured, promoted, taught and recorded Canadian contemporary classical music (new music) within an international context for four decades. Array also supports young and emerging composers and maintains a creative rental space for artists across the disciplines to call home. 

Since 1972, Array has presented one of Canada's premiere chamber ensembles, The Array Ensemble, in an annual concert season in Toronto. With over 300 original works written for its group by emerging and distinguished composers from around the world and over 40 years of virtuosic concerts to its credit, The Array Ensemble has been called “a serious ambassador of the [North] American avant garde” (Mannheimer Morgen) and its members “sophisticated,” “splendid” and “sensuous.” 

Provocative programming continually expands the boundaries of contemporary classical music and collaborations with artists of all kinds, as well as extensive outreach to new communities and audiences, are hallmarks of Array. With 80+ videos of performances online, Array is deeply committed to extending its art beyond Canada’s border. 

Locally, Array serves Toronto’s wider musical and audience-going communities with its new space, The Array Space. This unique rehearsal and performance facility is used by a vanguard of creative music artists, as well as by dancers, theatrical and video artists, poets and others working across the artistic disciplines. It enables Array to support a broad range of exceptional art and makes the organization unique among its sister new music organizations. By provisioning a facility for so many at such affordable rates, Arraymusic is able to:

• Encourage risk-taking, and programming bold music engenders musical discovery;
• Invest in its future by ensuring there is an affordable place where younger players can practice and someday take the place of departing ones;
• Share infrastructure, dialogue, resources and programming with others and supports (including renters) the art, growth, presentations and operations of collaborators;
• Give artists a place, safe environment, instruments, equipment and the community they need to explore, teach, present, discuss, record and share their art;
• Employ and expose Toronto artists and visiting guest artists;
• Teach about, and deepens awareness of, contemporary classical/new music;
• Bring new music into arts institutions, communities and neighborhoods.

Arraymusic has maintained a space since the late 1970s when it first leased a small cinder-block garage to enable its ensemble to rehearse. The creative community at large also needed a place to practice so soon began renting Array’s space. Next, Array moved into an Artscape managed building in Liberty Village and occupied a raw studio space for approximately 15 years. In 2012 Array found a raw suitable space in a better area, negotiated a lease with a landlord and moved into its new home on Walnut Ave.. While the lease was more expensive, the space was large enough to afford office renters and good enough to entice new and more artistic renters, both of which held the promise that an ‘economy of scale’ could be created. A new space improvement plan and business plan is enabling Array to plan to utilize new capacities, to take new approaches to revenue generation, bring a larger more diverse community of casual rehearsal and performance space and permanent office renting partners, and offers the chance to tap a cultural neighborhood, as well as reduces outside hall rental expenses

Arraymusic is also unique in that every five years or so it ‘passes the torch’ to a new Artistic Director, thus enabling the organization to critically review and regularly renew its direction and focus, as well as the networks of artists that influence its art. Such changes allow Array to shift emphasis and reinvest in its legacy, a practice that helps guarantee the organization’s continued communication with new artists in an evolving, emergent cultural mandate. 

Arraymusic engages in extensive outreach work (e.g. Culture Days, New Music 101 at the Toronto Reference Library, Free Noon Hour Concert Series at the Canadian Opera Company's Richard Bradshaw Amphitheatre, InterSection New Music Festival at Dundas Square, Scotiabank's Nuit Blanche, Doors Open Toronto, and others) to reach, involve and engage as many people as possible in its exciting art form.

While Array’s own evolution has charted the evolution of new music in Canada, Array’s commitment to daring, experimental artistic expression and virtuosity have remained defining characteristics of throughout its rich history. And its range of artistic activities have enabled Arraymusic to contribute to the strength, vitality, sustainability, diversity and employment of a wide musical community, as well to foster, explore, extend and proliferate the art form for the enjoyment and enrichment of audiences near and far.


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