How do I combine two speakers?

Many people are getting confused when they are talking about a stereo amplifier. A stereo amp simply has two amplifiers built into one box. We are talking about how to connecting two speakers to a stereo amp. Simply you are involved connecting one speaker to each amplifier.

There are many cases when you want to connect four speakers to a stereo amp, that is, to combine two speakers to each amplifier or four speakers in total.

Connect 2 speakers to one amplifier

You maybe want to wiring two speakers to one channel without individual switching or volume controls if you:

  • You need a large living area with four ceiling speakers, or
  • You want to cover a large backyard with four speakers, or
  • You have any situation where two speakers are not enough.

Two speakers connected to one amplifier should be in series or parallel mostly depends on the impedance of the speakers. The impedance of the speakers is writing on the back of the speaker or speaker box. The impedance of a speaker is including 4 ohms, 6 ohms or 8 ohms.

If it isn’t written on the back of the speaker, check any paperwork that might have come with the speaker, or look up the specifications on the web. The Ω symbol is used instead of writing ohms. There are two basic ways of connecting two speakers together either in series or parallel.

Connect 2 Speakers in Parallel

If both speakers are 8 ohms or more and it is normally safe to connect them in parallel. This is two 8 ohm speakers in parallel and it is making the total load impedance 4 ohms.

Most HiFi amplifiers are designed to a total load impedance of 4 ohms or higher. But it is not lower than 4 ohms. If your amp is not specified for 4 ohms, then you should consider wiring your two speakers in series.

Connect 2 Speakers in Series

The amplifier is required a total load impedance. It is greater than 4 ohms and it is best to connect the speakers in series.

This is because two 4 ohm speakers in series and these are making the total load impedance 8 ohms. Two 6 ohm speakers in series are making the total load impedance 12 ohms. Most amps are working fine with a load impedance of 6-16 ohms.


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