How do I connect my computer to my sound system?

Soundcards are having evolved into a very important feature of any computer. The sound quality comes out of even the cheapest cards that are good enough to listen to music or to watch a movie. They are probably more detailed than they need to be.

We suggest to turn off the computer and sound system for precautionary reasons, but if you are careful and do it all at a low volume, you should get away with leaving your equipment on. There are some various methods for connecting the computer to surround sound system the following:

Connecting your computer to your sound system

Newer soundcards and audio equipment are sometimes being fitted with digital or optical ports. They are also easier to setup. All you need is one cable.

This one cable will be transporting a digital surround sound signal straight into your sound system. There are some procedures to connect computer to my sound system:

  • First, you can make sure that the volume on your computer is turned down.
  • Next, you can turn the volume down on your sound system.
  • Your sound system is turned off.
  • Then, plug one end of the Toslink cable into your computer
  • Finally, plug the other end of the Toslink cable into your sound system

Connecting a laptop to a sound system

Laptops will almost always have a headphone jack. You will be wanted to get your hands on a 3.5 stereo to dual mono RCA cable as mentioned above and then follow these steps.

  • First, the volume on your laptop is turned down.
  • Then, turn the volume down on your sound system.
  • After, make sure your sound system is turned off.
  • You can be plugging the 3.5” stereo plug into your headphone jack.
  • You start playing a song out of your computer. You probably will be not hearing anything out of your laptop’s speakers as they will be disabled when something is plugged into the headphone port.
  • Then. turn on your sound system.
  • You can ensure your sound system is on the correct channel

Connecting your laptop or desktop computer to your sound system

Connect computer to amplifier is also quite easy to achieve. Your sound system can be converting a stereo or digital signal into a surround system and it is using internal processors.


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