How Do I Connect Studio Monitors to My Laptop?

If you are choosing to connect your personal computer to your monitor through a Display Port or HDMI, you would not need an audio connection. When you are connecting your personal computer to your monitor.

Before you are fully able to enjoy your monitor speakers, you would need to figure out how to connect studio monitors to my laptop. It is not as hard as you think as long you follow the proper procedure. There are some steps for connecting studio monitors to pc the following:

Step 1

If both your monitor and personal computer allows it, you can have the option to use a Display Port cable or an HDMI. It is recommended that you are trying to using the DVI first before experimenting with the VGA.

This option is used as the VGA and it should be your last option since this normally gives off a low-quality analogy signal.

studio monitor

Step 2

If you are choosing to go with either VGA or DVI then you should have a 3.5 mm audio cord. You should be able to tell since all of the ports you need should be properly labelled on both your personal computer and monitor.

Step 3

The third step would be to connect studio monitors for laptop and turn it on. At this point, you should be able to turn your personal computer on as well.

The signal of the video from your personal computer will now be displayed on your monitor. Sign in and then on your desktop, right-click. You can choose the screen resolution. You can now start adjusting the resolution of the monitor to the recommended resolution.

Step 4

This is proceeding to right-click on the audio icon in the Windows taskbar on the system tray area and select Playback Devices. If you are connected to your monitor through the Display Port or the HDMI, you should be able to select the name of your monitor.

Step 5

Make sure to right-click on Speakers or the name of your monitor and select Enable, especially if they are greyed out on the list of the devices. You can select the Set Default button to ensure that your monitor speakers are your personal computer’s default speakers.

Step 6

It will probably prompt you to restart your personal computer.  You can restart your personal computer and repeat to select the Configure button and choose Test. Once done, close the dialog box to complete the process.


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