What is a good dB for speakers?

Sound levels can even be loud enough to damage your hearing. We have measured the loudness of sound in decibels (dB). It is referred to as the Sound Pressure Level (SPL).

0 dB is the minimum sound level a person with good hearing is heard. 130 dB is the point and this sound is painful. Even decibel levels for the speaker above 85 dB can be a problem. Most experts are recommended and you are used earplugs when continuously exposed to 85 dB and above.

Sound Levels and Distance

Sound levels are reduced using the low level of squares. The sound level is reducing the 6 dB for every doubling of the distance. There are the following chart provides an example of good dB for speakers is reduced.

Distance Sound level sound

  • 1  M 100 dB Blow dryer
  • 2  M 94 dB Loud traffic or diesel truck
  • 4 M 88 dB City traffic inside the car
  • 8 M  82 dB Telephone dial tone or loud singing
  • 16 M  76 dB Vacuum cleaner, shower
  • 32 M  70 dB Single Passenger car
  • 64 M  64 dB Loud conversation
  • 128 M  58 dB Normal conversation

Selecting the Right Amplifier

A speaker is specified by the amount of sound and it can provide at a distance of 1 meter. The power level is 1 watt.  It is the nominal speaker angle and the maximum output at a certain power level.

What Is the Right Sound Level?

The right sound level for speakers can hear and it is about 20dB.  Normal conversation is between 58 dB and 65dB.  The threshold for pain and hearing damage is 130 dB.

We are wanting to select sound levels that are between these extremes and hopefully above the background noise. The optimal volume is the point and it is everyone hears the page.


The sound level of the paging system is needed to be loud enough. So, some people can be hearing the announcement over the background noise. But it is not loud enough to hurt their ears.  We can be selecting speakers for the wall, ceiling or even mount them on a pole.

We are just having to know the sound required at a certain distance and we can be working backward to select the speaker and amplifier power.


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