Each year, Business for the Arts brings together an impressive team of artsScene volunteers, arts leaders and innovators, and young professionals from around the country for a summit. This is a great opportunity for leaders to connect and discuss the successes and challenges facing the arts sector in their cities. Each leader brings the findings from the summit back home to further improve how business and the arts connect in their communities. 

2015 - National Young Professionals Summit on the Arts

Business for the Arts invited 150 of Canada’s leading young professionals who are dedicated to fostering the growth of the arts to The National Young Professionals Summit on the Arts at Montreal’s impressive Arsenal Gallery in order to discuss what we can do together for Canada's 150th anniversary in 2017.

2014 - RBC Young Leaders Summit: 40 Voices

This summit is possible with support from the RBC Emerging Artists Program.

Download the brainstorming report from the 2014 Young Leaders Summit

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